General Information about the Bank


Commercial Fuel and Energy Interregional Bank

for Reconstruction and Development (joint-stock company) – TEMBR-BANK (JSC)


TEMBR-BANK (JSC) was incorporated on March 28, 1994 as a limited partnership. On February 21, 2000 the Bank started acting as an open joint-stock company, and since February 20, 2016 has functioned as a joint stock company. Main state registration number 1027739282581.

The Bank activity is being monitored by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Main Branch for the Central Federal District, Moscow. The Bank was included in the register of bank-participants in state deposit insurance system on September 1st, 2005, under № 875.

The Bank has a General License to conduct banking operations number 2764, issued by the Bank of Russia and the following Licenses of the professional participant of securities market for:

-       trust management;

-       brokerage activity;

-       dealer activity;

-       depositary activity.

On January 20, 2011 the Bank received a License № 2764 for banking operations (for precious metals’ borrowing and placement) and since 2011 the Bank operates in the market of precious metals.

The Bank is a member and participant of:

-       S.W.I.F.T.

-       Russian National Association of S.W.I.F.T.;

-       Moscow Exchange;

-       Association of Russian Banks (ARB);

-       International Payment System VISA International;

-       National Payment System «MIR»

-       Payment System «CONTACT»;

-       Payment System KoronaPay;

-       Payment System «RAPIDA»;

-       Payment System «Custom Card»;

-       Register of Federal Custom Service.

The main shareholders are individuals and legal entities, such as "Complex Development and Energy Technologies" Ltd., "STROY-CREDO" Ltd., "Burovvik" Ltd., etc. TEMBR-BANK (JSC) is a medium-sized Russian bank in terms of scope and operational scale, albeit holding a stable position in Russian banking.

As per economic standards set by the Bank of Russia TEMBR-BANK (JSC) is placed among banks with trouble-free background.

On September 27th, 2018 Russian rating agency Expert RA (RAEX) assigned credit rating “ruB-“ to TEMBR-BANK (JSC) with stable outlook, and on September 25th, 2019 confirmed the above.

The core activities of TEMBR-BANK (JSC) include commercial lending, settlements for corporate and retail clients, small and midsize private enterprises (SME). TEMBR-BANK (JSC)  is a universal financial and credit institution with modern banking technologies, diversified clientele, a wide range of services, and a balanced development in three main areas: retail, corporate, and investment banking. TEMBR-BANK (JSC) is a versatile client-oriented bank that offers a variety of products and services to meet the specific financial needs resident and non-resident retail customers: term and call deposits, mortgage, car loans, consumer credit, VISA and MIR debit and credit cards, safe lease, exchange office transactions, etc. The Bank offers its services to the corporate clients that are involved in engineering business, fuel and energy complex, chemical and food-processing industries, transport, and construction. Today, the number of TEMBR-BANK (JSC) clients – individuals comes to 8 thousand, about 2 thousand of them holding Bank-emitted cards.

The Bank is involved in regional financial markets focusing on major client economic centers. TEMBR-BANK (JSC) domestic branches are located in:

-       Blagoveschensk (Far East),

-       Kaliningrad (Baltic Region)

-       and a number of retail offices in Moscow, Moscow region and Amur region.

Being in the Russian market throughout more than 25 years the Bank has been pursuing a weighty, transparent, and proactive policy with an accent on effective management of clients’ funds to preserve them and to obtain optimum profitability at low risks. Since the day of its incorporation the Bank has focused on consistency in implementing its strategy, the main objectives of which at present being consistent development, preservation of competitive advantages, upgrade of technologies and methodology, increase of corporate client proportion,    onadherence to diversification,and change, on reliability of its operation mechanisms, and confidence in obtaining positive end results while making decisions, on timely and full-scale fulfillment of commitments, reasonable conservatism, adaptability to changing conditions, and loyalty to the Bank corporate values. At the time of global economic turmoil, low confidence in the banking system, unstable exchange rates, and their sharp fluctuations  our Bank once again proves its stable financial position being at a sufficient liquidity level and following all the required regulations of the Bank of Russia.

There has been developed and is under way a system of monitoring, assessment and management of banking risks which is tailored to the regulations of the Bank of Russia, and is in complete compliance with TEMBR-BANK (JSC) Charter, other internal documentation, and corresponds to scope & scale of the Bank.

With highly professional and initiative employees who are able to operatively make competent decisions, and capable of working as a team the Bank is particular about their timely training and upgrading of their professional levels.

The above allows the Bank to plan client and product diversification, increasingly toward retail and SME banking, further expansion, and launchingof new banking technologies, optimization of control and management systems. Today TEMBR- BANK (JSC) is a reliable financial institution, which economic indicators show high stability and substantial potential.  

10, per. 1-I Volkonski, Moscow 127473, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 363-44-99, 775-62-82
Fax: +7 (495) 363-44-98